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Your Wedding day should be exactly that, your day!

A day about you, and for you to enjoy

with your families and friends on a truly happy occasion.

It should reflect your likes and preferences,

both as a couple and as individuals.

When it comes to the music and style

for your wedding reception,

you and your guests deserve nothing less

than all the right songs

played at the right time and at the right volume.

Equally important are

announcements, presentations and the introduction

of your Bridal Party, honored guests and featured events.

Each should be nothing less than professional

with every name pronounced correctly.

Tad Bonvie has had the unique pleasure

and experience of selecting those special songs

and presenting to the world

many happy couples at joyous occasions.

Selecting music by request,

Tad Bonvie flavors each presentation to satisfy

the appetite of each individual event.

He believes the Bridal couple are the stars of the day,

not the deejay. His introductions are always custom tailored and

a “cookie cutter” approach is never an option.

Be sure your guests truly feel welcome

and be confident the music selections will be

thoughtfully presented and appropriately fit the tastes for

you and your guests.

From the first person in the Bridal procession to the very last dance, it can be said the important moments

of our lives are remembered like portraits in our minds.

Memories painted with emotion and framed

by the music of the day.

Make those memories of your life,

always in your own inevitably unique style

and never settle for anything less.


With a dedication to professionalism

and a legacy of proven performance, Tad Bonvie

has earned a reputation for framing important memories

in the minds and hearts of many happy newlyweds.


The Professional Wedding Guarantee.

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