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100s of Theme Props available.

The heart and soul of every school dance and prom

is always the enthusiasm brought by its' class members and they are truly the stars of the event.

Choosing and presenting music, satisfying their collective tastes and introducing that perfect song just when that crucial moment arrives, the DJ is there to entice the crowd to enjoy the occasion to its' fullest.


Time and again, Tad Bonvie has brought those moments to proms and school dances.

Delivering song after song with precision, each performance is 100% mixed live.

Tempting dancers onto the floor, their favorite songs* dropping one after another, no mixes are ever pre-programmed or computer generated.


Prom planning services can help coordinate design decor elements, attractions like photo booths, photo stations or VIP carpet entries  and special effects from archetectural/dance floor lighting to custom monograms, confetti and more, making special events truly unforgettable.


Reach out today for best available dates and a quick'n easy price quote for your event.

* Scrubclean versions of todays hottest tracks available for younger audiences requiring only "G" rated music.

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