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Music Bingo - Video Bingo!

The latest versions of today's twists on the classic game of  Bingo have Music Bingo cards replacing traditional numbers with names of popular songs and artists. Players mark off their cards as the host spins memorable music or Videos and even Movie Clips, while interacting with the crowd on the wireless mic. This is a big hit that can be tailored to every age group by virtue of the music choice, while incorporating and promoting your venue and  brand through out the event.

TRIVX Logo.png

An extreme trivia  game that combines both audio and video, to entertain and engage your guests for a fun and memorable time.

Favorite music, video clips and trivia questions, challenge contestants who are encouraged to go ahead and Google, take shout-outs from the crowd or even phone a friend, in search of their ultimate answer!

Always a crowd pleaser, your venue and

brand logo can be inserted throughout this presentation.

World Karaoke color logo.jpg

Everyone is a star, at least for a song. The world loves Karaoke. It has been said that where the United Nations fails Karaoke succeeds, exciting millions from every nation and every corner of the world!

Quality sound and a processed vocal microphone brings out the best in every voice.

80s Video Party

80s Video Party!

All the memories come rushing back as the

Music and Video are mixed to the beat in this incredible flash back sensation!

Surrounded by bouncing light and their favorite bands from back in the day up on screen, people love the chance to dance and experience the music and original videos for a great time in

the '80s once again!


Photo Booth Charades!

This game chases even a guest's rainiest day of blues away. Drawings, disguises even a song can provide the hints needed to help solve for the mystery name or phrase in each round of Photo Booth Charades.

Taken in four freeze-frame photos, contestants have fun dressing up and posing as they reveal clues to their top secret charade.

Everyone gets copies of their photos featuring your venue name and brand logo to take back home.

Glamour Shots Experience!

This one's for the girls!

Our make-up artist does her magic then it's a turn in front of the camera for a picture on a favorite magazine cover or a four photo head shot to highlight a truly  glamorous time!

Dance Parties

Favorite Dance Parties

Entertain with a chance to dance!

Choose from a pleasing variety of music styles customized to suit any occasion.

Top-40 - Dance - Disco - Country - '80s & '90s

Classic Rock - Hip-Hop - Romance

Yacht Rock - Pub Rock - Brat Pack

Jazz - Dine

Mix and match any formats.

Music is professionally presented at appropriate volumes using only the highest quality

JBL sound equipment.

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