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Astounding the public first in 1945, this classic round-end Model 9 series photo booth is the highlight at any party.  Common during the 1950s and 60s, in arcades, dance halls and theaters all across America they delivered photos for passports, IDs and love struck couples looking for a reason to snuggle close.

Manufactured by the Auto-Photo Company in Los Angeles, this antique mahogany masterpiece is truly an icon of a grand era in American history and a tribute to the craftsmanship of the day.


Almost non-existent today, vintage photo booths are few, as most suffered dis-repair and eventual exile to local junk yards.

The Antique Photo Booth is truly unique and certainly not the pipe and drape tent like offering that most vendors supply for weddings and events today. It is an authentic

piece of history, turning heads and sparking conversation among all who enjoy the unique experience only a real booth can offer.

This Model 9 restored to its' original splendor, is ready to astound and impress your guests. It has also been updated to deliver the top quality digital images expected in the twenty first century.

For weddings, the Antique Photo Booth is an attraction that entertains and delights both young and old. It also fulfills the traditional wedding adage,

“something old, something new,”

in a way that will be remembered

for many years to come.

For anniversaries, birthdays and parties, the Antique Photo Booth makes your event special by offering your guests

an opportunity experienced by few, today. From the hand crafted wood to its’ porcelain display panel, your

guests will know, you cared enough to

reserve the real  thing with the

Antique Photo Booth.

For corporate events, the Antique Photo Booth offers an additional museum style display featuring the mid-century ‘Rube Goldberg” style apparatus that originally made this booth’s instant photography possible. Invented in a time before the modern day computer, the ingenious and intricate mechanisms, with their’ various gears and cogs, showcase the power that a well-designed and executed system can demonstrate,

when working together to accomplish a task, even when thought impossible.

There is only one, so don’t wait. Reserve your event date with

The Antique Photo Booth!

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