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Virtual sharing


Special events, Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and celebrations can be confident their guests who view from afar can  enjoy ease of access and enjoy every event, capturing the feel and excitement of each experience through virtual sharing.

Professional Presentation


Our Professional Presentation Platform delivers a quality viewing experience. It is a Curated Virtual Share, monitored, produced and directed for a seamless and polished production that can be accessed by invited viewers on any connected device worldwide with a simple point and click, allowing virtual guests to participate in special events with ease.

Avoid Typical Missteps


Today, many DJs and novice individuals may offer to stream live on social media sites such as Facebook, Zoom and an array of other available platforms. The difference between these amateur live streams

and a Streamsource presentation is vast. A Curated stream means the event is produced by a professional who controls what is sent over the virtual feed. The Curator is responsible to constantly monitor the live feed, avoiding the “free for all” that tends to occur with dozens or even hundreds of viewers each typing or voicing comments simultaneously on the feed. This often leads to cross talk, needless noise and unwanted messaging that can upset and ruin moments of celebration or disturb times of important attention. A professional, curated presentation platform avoids these pitfalls and results in satisfied, happy clients.

Hosting MC

Virtual streams for every event, other than the most casual of sessions, require a Host/MC that pulls the entire presentation together. The Host/MC can easily eliminate unwanted elements, comment during moments of transition, introduce individuals and planned activities, keep the process moving forward and wrap up the entirety of the event with a tidy bow. The Host/MC does not necessarily need to be the entertainment, but rather a guide who removes so much of the clumsiness that novice presentations can bring.

Retain current bookings and grow new business


 Countless events, Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Anniversaries and Celebrations are being cancelled resulting in lost bookings and revenue that cannot be replaced. Virtual Sharing now offers the opportunity to recoup some of that potentially lost business by offering clients a viable alternative to cancellation. No one wants to cancel a life event or special occasion. Virtual Sharing makes it possible for these events to be held, while adhering to social distancing expectations.


Although a down sized event does not yield the same revenue as a fully attended celebration, it certainly helps to keep that all-important cash flowing, in a time when any business is good business. By scaling down large events of one hundred persons or more, to fifty or even thirty people in attendance, with remaining guests attending virtually, cancellations can be suppressed. Offering an alternative to clients can save business that would otherwise be gone forever, saving some much-needed revenue.



New Business

With Virtuall Shared events in your repertoire, you can now offer alternatives not only to your clients, but also to those who had cancelled events at other less equipped facilities. Offering a virtually shared event, coupled with the excitement that Streamsource’s custom event radio stations generate, can make the difference between a scaled down event that is less than satisfying for the client and instead provide a time of great excitement and fun.

Streamsource for Business

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