Business strives to improve, to innovate and to better serve. To that end, there is often some pain. Part of that pain can be construction noise.



utilizes a variety of countermeasures to negate and cover the unpleasant sounds of construction.

Full Spectrum Sound

incorporates a custom music program and 3 way sound system capable of reproducing the highest  highs, as well as, covering the very low frequency spectrum.

White Noise Generation

infuses full spectrum white noise together with an accompanying music program, or without.

Surround Sound

envelopes a specified area with a custom music program broadcast from multiple

pinpoint locations, washing the target zone in counter programming.

Frequency Filtering

is achieve by tuning a custom music program  to enhance the response of specific frequencies, in either dual or surround sound audio system.

These techniques used alone or in a prescribed combination, together with a custom music program can aid in masking unwanted noise from construction and other annoying sound.

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Cancelling Construction Noise