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Custom Direct Audio Stream

As your personalized radio network, this digital audio stream features important information about your event, delivered directly to attendees, who can check in anytime by cell phone, tablet or connected device. Featuring custom messaging, selected music, event highlights, updates and weather, your event channel is on-line around the clock, providing a common touch point for event participants, conveying information and entertainment in real time.

Professional Presentation


Our team of professional messaging experts, announcers and music programmers work with you tailoring your announcements and event information, selecting the right music and delivering updates that both inform and entertain.

With just a touch on a connected cell phone, tablet or computer, event participants connect to a single source for event information and messaging.

Customizing Your Event Stream


Each event is unique, and your Custom Direct Stream is designed to reflect the mood of your event, while delivering important information and messaging directly to event participants.
Custom messaging can include company branding and positioning statements, event highlights and interview moments with key personnel. Rotating updates bring important information about scheduled events, travel info, weather and any unscheduled changes.

Annual Top Performers Events

For annual top performer's events and corporate rewards trips, a Custom Direct Audio Stream is an exciting addition that  builds excitement and increases participation levels. Attendees hear congratulatory messaging, interview moments from team building events and adventure activities creating long lasting memories. Interview moments with scheduled entertainers, key company representatives or even the chef who planned your exquisite menu, serve to add excitement and highlight each unique event.

Team Building

At team building events, Streamsource audio programming is fun to listen to. It builds anticipation and re-enforces company goals. Rotating reports like the Top of the Hour Scoreboard, updates team scores and promotes upcoming competitions and events.  Interview moments with team members and event winners builds excitement, creating events long remembered.





Trade Shows

Trade Show events find Streamsource Direct Custom Audio Streams have an added benefit, vendors can be included as part of the audio stream to spotlight their products and services to drive more traffic to their exhibits, while organizers find the added benefit of an added revenue source.

Charitable Destination Events

A Direct Custom Audio Stream is the perfect communication tool at charitable destination events. Daily schedule announcements, updates, interview moments with key attendees, custom messaging from group leaders, Thank You messaging to major donors and the music style that fits your event. Each stream is customized to enhance the mood that you want reflected throughout your individual event.


For those on the run, information and important event messaging is also available in short podcast form.

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Custom Direct Audio Stream

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